in english

The best coverage of the work of St. Camille for English speakers comes from the in-depth report by the New York Times and accompanying video published October, 2015.

A previous film was produced by Azeb Wolde-Giorghis for Radio Canada. This 16 minute film, Chain of Fear,  is an excellent portrayal of St. Camille's work freeing people held in chains and bringing them to treatment centers.

A third documentary was produced in English by Victoria Baux for Al Jazeera in October, 2015. Ms. Baux grew up in the Ivory Coast, and her film focuses on her quest to understand her own mother's mental illness. The second half of the film (minutes 20:00-46:00) covers her return to the Ivory Coast and follows the story of several people who were treated by St. Camille.

In 2015 Gregory won the African of the Year award which was reported by the Ghana News Agency.

The BBC featured Gregory's work in an article in February, 2016.

The World Health Organization wrote a profile of Gregory's work in 2005 in this article.

The Fondation d'Harcourt, a family foundation in Geneva, wrote this description of Julien (also portrayed in the documentary below by Alexis Duclos), one of St. Camille's patients.

In French

Benin, 2013: Les Enchaines (The Chained) by Alexis Duclos

This 30 minute documentary in French describes the work of Gregory and St. Camille. It traces the stories of Julien and Issa, a young man and older man who were chained for years and were treated at St. Camille. The last seven minutes of the video are an interview with the filmmaker who describes how he met Gregory and became interested in this work.



Gregory treats the person, not the disease.
— Alexis Duclos, Documentary Filmmaker