Jane's Journey from Nigeria to St. Camille

Jane is one of those beautiful African women who looks like she belongs on the ramp in Paris.

She has a long neck, flawless skin and this super adorable gap between her teeth that was all the rage for awhile back in the 80's.

Originally from Nigeria, she brought four children into this world but unfortunately had to see two of them leave it.

Jane came to the Calavi mental health center about 8 months ago. She says the voices in her head were tormenting her and shouting at her without rest. She felt that her husband was working with a witch to harm her and he was plotting to cut her head off.

She is not clear when the voices inside her head began, but she says it was long before her second and third child died.

She mentions it was a priest who found her in the street, weak, dirty and confused and brought her to the "Oasis of Love" at Calavi in Benin. She has not seen her 10 year old or one year since she arrived at the center and fears that if they saw her now they would reject her.

Jane says she's found some comfort at Calavi cooking and breaking open ground nuts with her friend and fellow patient, Victorienne.

Jane gets two injections to control her delusions twice a month and she takes pills on a daily basis.

She says she still hears voices sometimes but they don't come as often and they are not as strong.